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The Einstein-Szilard Refrigerators - News Coverage

My article "The Einstein-Szilard Refrigerators" in the January 1997 Scientific American is NOT available online.

However, the article itself became a minor news story. You can read some of these news reports online. Here are links to the stories I heard about. If you know about other news coverage, please let me know.

For information on published translations of the full article in French, Polish, Japanese, German (and perhaps Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Arabic), please see this page.

Einstein and a chilling theory, by Tim Radford, The Guardian Online (London)

Einstein hemmelige liv som kjøleskap-designer, av Birgitta Strobel/ Tim Radford, Nettavisen (Oslo).

Einstein's icebox, by Tom Loosemore, Electronic Telegraph (London). Site requires free registration. Register, then use search function for "Einstein," "Szilard," or "icebox."

Einstein's fridge put on ice, by Naela Choudhary, Exploration Network, Discovery Channel Canada (Toronto).

Other coverage NOT (or no longer) online:

Einsteins Kühlschrank, von Thomas Bührke, Süddeutsche Zeitung (München), 30 Januar 1997, Seite 35.

Einstein als Erfinder, Der Spiegel (Hamburg), 5/1997, Seite 147.

Elektrolux köpte Einsteins extraknäck, av Erik Mellgren, Ny Teknik (Stockholm), 20 Februari 1997, sidan 36.

Dynamic Duo Confronts Refrigerator Menace, The Wilson Quarterly (Washington D.C.), Spring 1997, pages 133-134.

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