Budapest, 9 February 1998

in the Aula of Eötvös University

Leó Szilárd, the initiator of the theory of information, recipient of the patents of neutron chain reaction and the nuclear reactor, initiator of the movement for not using the atomic bomb, activist of the Pugwash Conferences, "the consciousness of humankind," was born in Budapest on 11 February 1898. At the centenary of his birth, the Eötvös Physical Society, the Eötvös University, in cooperation with the American Physical Society and the Pugwash Movement, furthermore the "Hungarian Scientists Abroad" Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, organizes a whole-day seminar on the life, work and impact of Leó Szilárd. Invited contributors-speakers are (among others, to be confirmed):

John Silard (Maryland): Personal Recollections
Joseph Rotblat, Nobel Laureate: Szilard and the early Pugwash
George Rathjens (M.I.T.): The Mission of the Angels to Moscow
Alvin Weinberg (Oak Ridge): The Bell and the Bomb
Leonard Rieser (Dartmouth): Early Bulletins of the Atomic Scientists
George Klein (Stockholm): Playing Chess with Death
Nicolas Kurti (Oxford): Leo's Days in the Clarendon Laboratory
Walter Thirring (Vienna): Fight with Maxwell's Demon
Lászlo Baksay (A.P.S.): Szilard Award of the Physics and Society Forum
William Lanouette (Washington): Leo Szilard: A Comic and Cosmic Wit
Gene Dannen (Oregon): Szilard the Inventor
Nandor Balazs (Stony Brook): Szilard's Models in Biology
Tibor Frank (Budapest): Szilard's 1919
George Marx (Budapest): Szilard's Roots and his Interdisciplinarity

The conference lectures will be published in a Szilárd Memorial Volume. The public celebration of the Szilárd Centenary will be held in the Congress Hall of the Hungarian Parliament on 10th February a.m.

The Organizing Committee asks those, who are interested to attend, to lecture, to exhibit, to contribute by text, to contact George Marx, president of the Eötvös Physical Society. (Department of Atomic Physics, Eötvös University, Puskin 5, Budapest H-1088, 36-1-2667902, fax 36-1-2660206,

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